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Religions of Clandestine

In the realm of Clandestine there are 12 religions, each with a different alignment and ethos. When the time comes for you to choose one for yourself, this chart should make things easier. Each religion has their own set of spells at their disposal.

Each religion has a motive, a wish and a future. Each fights battles, some for pride and others for preservation. When you become part of the religion the religion becomes part of you. Every action you make reflects on your religion and you must uphold the standards set before you. Now that all of the immortals are out of the religions, all Chosen Ones are mortal.

View the Gods of each religion and learn about them



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Chaotic Good





Chaotic Neutral





Chaotic Evil





Neutral Good





True Neutral





Neutral Evil





Lawful Good





Lawful Neutral





Lawful Evil





Intrinsic Good





Intrinsic Evil





Intrinsic Neutral




R E L I G I O N:

     Since each religion is different, each has its own methods of
testing and enshrining new members. The only common requirement
for joining a religion is that you attain at least your 13th level. It is
wise to choose a religion based on role play rather than benefits that
you may get from the religion.

The Official Clandestine Homepage

 ______          __      __                                
/\__  _\        /\ \    /\ \      __          __           
\/_/\ \/    __  \ \ \/'\\ \ \___ /\_\    ____/\_\    ____  
   \ \ \  /'__`\ \ \ , < \ \  _ `\/\ \  /',__\/\ \  /',__\ 
    \ \ \/\ \_\.\_\ \ \\`\\ \ \ \ \ \ \/\__, `\ \ \/\__, `\
     \ \_\ \__/.\_\\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\/\____/\ \_\/\____/
      \/_/\/__/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/___/  \/_/\/___/ 


     Spawned from the gray mists of chaos the dragon goddess Takhisis came
upon the astral plane and wreaked havoc with the gods. Her wrath fell first
Mystara and she fell ill with a magical plague. The wars raged on and finally
Takhisis stood upon the throne of eternity. As she looked down though she saw
the sick and ailing body of
Mystara, in a moment that could only be described as
Takhisis' heart was touched with a golden light. As the light came upon
her she restored
Mystara and recanted her claim to the throne. In the ensuing years
Takhisis became one with the chaos but always remembered the goodness she
felt. Even now she strives to do right but in her own mischievous ways, often the
gods have grown annoyed with her but always they remember the power she once
threw upon their throne.


     Clerics, Thieves, Rogues, and Ninjas all call our temple home and its doors are
open to all regardless of race or class. A follower of
Takhisis must only show that
they wish good upon the land and that they are willing to do anything necessary
to complete that task. The light of Takhisis flows upon all of the land's creatures
and any and all may become one of her chosen followers.


     The path of Takhisis is a chaotic one to tread and to ensure that a person is
ready for such a life there are a few anointed tasks one must complete to become
a member. These tasks are often left up to the priests of the religion and you
should contact one of them to begin the path.
Sebek is the chosen one but his
duties in the immortal realm often pry him from his worldly duties so contact
a lower member as all
Takhisis may commune with him whereas normal mortals
sometimes cannot. Along with the tasks assigned to you, you must also display
special traits that will serve
Takhisis well these are:

I. Courage- There will be many battles in the years to come and we must know
that when they occur a person will fight alongside us. The warrior must be
unwavering and forever resilient to the forces of evil.

II. Zeal- A follower of Takhisis is intelligent and knowledgeable but they also
must remember that where the mind may go astray, the heart is always true
to what they believe. They must have the zeal in their heart to guide them
where their minds may fail.

III. Brotherhood- Whereas a level one may take a dagger for a level two-hundred
so may a level two-hundred take one for a level one. Every member of
would gladly sacrifice their life for a fellow member and that must always be remembered.

IV. Instincts- There are many times where the senses will lie and evil will
mask its presence it is these times that the final trait comes into play.
A person must know at all times that should their perceptions of reality
be altered that, their instincts are finely honed and can lead them to safety.


Takhisis does not place many boundaries on what her members may do but
there are some that they must follow and they are:

1. No member will EVER slay a being of good unless they have first harmed
them or our goddess in some way.

2. An alignment of at least +1 to assure that her followers are of good
intent at all times.

3. Follow all orders from Sebek and question them only at an appropriate
time and place.

4. Respect ALL members of Takhisis at ALL times. Never slander them in
public or leave them alone on the field of battle.

5. While evil is a scourge upon the land they also serve their purposes
they may join with you but only if it serves a greater good in the long run.

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db       .d88b.  db    db d888888b  .d8b.  d888888b  .d8b.  d8888b. 
88      .8P  Y8. 88    88   `88'   d8' `8b `--88--' d8' `8b 88  `8D 
88      88    88 Y8    8P    88    88ooo88    88    88ooo88 88oobY' 
88      88    88 `8b  d8'    88    88===88    88    88===88 88`8b   
88booo. `8b  d8'  `8bd8'    .88.   88   88    88    88   88 88 `88. 
Y88888P  `Y88P'     YP    Y888888P YP   YP    YP    YP   YP 88   YD

     Daughter of
Mystara and Kir'Jolith. Loviatar is all that is evil, she represents
things that should not be. Her vile deeds and evil acts are only dismissed by her
heritage, and her heritage alone. She appears in the form of a Succubus and is
a seductress. She will sway people to gain for herself and when she is through
with them, then she has no need for them, most likely resulting in their deaths.
Killing is not something that she does for no purpose, there must always be a
reason, and she does not go out of her way to find them.

     Followers are expected to hold her first in their hearts and are always being
watched. They will join others, but only for personal gain, and if others have
something they need, they will do what they must to acquire that thing. When
plans go out to kill another it is a very organized process and most likely be planned
and well thought out. It is not how many the followers kill, it is how cleverly
it was done that will gain the favor and rewards of this evil goddess.

    If you wish to join the ranks of
Loviatar, leave a note to the religion stating
so. You will be contacted. Members are always around, they just choose not to be seen.

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 __  __            _ _  ___           _ 
|  \/  |          ( ) |/ / |         | |
| \  / |_   _ _ __|/| ' /| |__  _   _| |
| |\/| | | | | '__| |  < | '_ \| | | | |
| |  | | |_| | |    | . \| | | | |_| | |
|_|  |_|\__, |_|    |_|\_\_| |_|\__,_|_|
         __/ |                          

Evil, Vile, Sinister, all these are words that describe the god of the
dead and the damned. Born long after the first gods, he studied the old
ways of
Takhisis and grew insane with the thirst for death and destruction,
even surpassing
Takhisis's own evil ways. Cunning and deceptive, Myr'Khul
likes nothing more than to see pain inflicted upon others, and grows stronger
and more insane with each painful death that is rendered upon another.
It is in his hopes that one day he will do what
Takhisis did hundreds of years
before, but will carry on the reign and not succumb to the weakness of joining others.

     Followers are expected to be hateful, hate all life and give everything to him.
Sacrifices are required and, if requested, must be done without question, even
if it is a fellow religion member. Rewards are not given, because rewards
are for the weak and personal gain should be done without a helping hand.


The Rules are Simple and Must be Followed.

Rule 1: The Chosen One's Word is law as set down by the Great Lord Myr'Khul.

Rule 2: There will be no killing of Myr'Khul members without the CO Approval.

Rule 3: The Archon word is that as if it came from the Chosen One. The Chosen
        One may at anytime overrule the Archon.

Rule 4: Kill other religion members as you see fit or capable of dealing death
        to. Keep in mind do not go crazy with this. We are chaotic not madmen
        killing every thing in sight.

Rule 5: Alignment, try to keep it evil. Alignment is a tool to be used to your
        benefit and His.

Rule 6: Each member is Required to Serve only the Dark Lord Himself.

Rule 7: No member of another religion will be allowed in Myr'Khul unless they can
        prove without a doubt that they can be trusted. And may result in a quest
        to prove their worth.

Rule 8: One Ranking Char per player, no buts about it. If you are caught
        trying to get a second member above Acolyte or Defender rank, both
        will be banished.

Rule 9: The only way one can be permitted to enter the Ranks of Myr'khul is
        the Player must have the ultimate approval of the CO one. If the CO
        Is gone for a period of time stretching over 5 days, the Archon is
        permitted to make that decision.

Rule 10: The only way to leave Myr'Khul is death, or reincarnation. Stories
        will be heard, but only the Chosen can commute the death sentence
        or the rebirth of the person. To truly be free of
Myr'Khul and his
        hatred, the total rebirth is required.


Even though final approval is from the co and Archon, bishops are encouraged
to pursue a vigorous but demanding recruitment. Powerful characters are
desired but their commitment to
Myr'khul should be paramount above all else.

Rule 1: If the player has another character in another religion, it
        will be made clear that they will separate the two. If the
        person joins and then is found that he is using the characters
        to help each other or pass info on to another religion he will
        be killed and banished.

Rule 2: Testing of the character should test role playing as well as mud
        knowledge. Killing of others for entry is needed except for
        extreme cases decided by the CO to show commitment to
        In other words test for role playing and a true commitment

Rule 3: Players will NOT be ordered to cause the death of an atheist.
        Atheists should be off limits, as they are always possible

Rule 4: If a prospective member is already flagged PK, the bishops or vicars
        may interview, but no quests are given except by the Chosen One
        so that they may judge why they left a religion before the quest
        is given. Only the Archon or Chosen One can enshrine a PK player.

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 _   _           _  _____         _       _    _     
( ) ( ) _       ( )(___  )       (_ )  _ ( )_ ( )    
| |/'/'(_) _ __ |/     | |   _    | | (_)| ,_)| |__  
| , <  | |( '__)    _  | | /'_`\  | | | || |  |  _ `\
| |\`\ | || |      ( )_| |( (_) ) | | | || |_ | | | |
(_) (_)(_)(_)      `\___/'`\___/'(___)(_)`\__)(_) (_)

Kir'Jolith Web Page

     Far away in another part of the universe a form of energy formed
the great god known as
Kir'Jolith. Through many years of travel, he
met the other gods. Instantly he fell in love with
Mystara and the
feelings were mutual, therefore he sits upon his throne with his
queen watching the mortals in their struggles lending a hand here
or there as he sees fit. Also known as the "quiet one", his followers
are also very withdrawn and to themselves. Hundreds of years later
Mystara and Kir-Jolith gave birth to twins, one being born tainted
and dark, the other being similar to his father in many ways, but
always struggling to maintain "Balance between all things".

     Followers of
Kir-Jolith are expected to remain secretive and are
picky about those who wish to know more of their religion, new
recruits are few and far between, but those who are chosen must
try to maintain a balance, but still sway to the side of good.

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  _|_|                _|      _|                                
_|    _|    _|_|_|  _|_|_|_|      _|_|_|    _|    _|    _|_|_|  
_|_|_|_|  _|_|        _|      _|  _|    _|  _|    _|  _|_|      
_|    _|      _|_|    _|      _|  _|    _|  _|    _|      _|_|  
_|    _|  _|_|_|        _|_|  _|  _|    _|    _|_|_|  _|_|_|    

     As you wonder up ahead in the dark, swampy forest your senses
tell you something is near you. You hear a noise and are startled as
you look in the direction of the noise you see a faint figure that seems
to becoming, no flying, straight at you. Scared and alone you shiver
only to find that a white snow-covered owl is on your arm with its
beautiful wings spread at full length. Before you can react to the
situation, to your astonishment the owl says, "Hello, my friend." You,
with your tongue tied in the oddness of what has happened say,
"Heel.. Heelll.. Hel.. Hello." The Owl whispers words unfamiliar to your
native tongue as you then see an exhilarating, bright light. Where the
light once was a figure, a figure of an old rugged looking man appears
where the light once was. As soon as this happens you feel a nice,
warm sense of belonging as if you have know this man all your life.
While you study the man you see that his eyes are pure white and
that he appears blind. You study the man and notice that an owl is
perched upon his right shoulder. The old man offers his hand out to
you and says, "I am Astinus, Keeper of Time, I have been expecting
you for sometime now." He smiles as you shake his hand, a warm
glow passes through your body. As you are introducing yourself he
cuts you off, amazingly He knows your name already. Astinus says
to you, "So you have chosen the path of the great religion Astinus.
Before you join you should know of my past.........

     I am Son of Mystara and Kir-Jolith, also known as the keeper of
time. I know everything before it actually happens; for instance, you
will be one of my many followers. I try to maintain a balance to every
situation and I believe that all things have their time and we accept
things the way they happen only intervening if that fate has been
tampered with. My power is one of the greatest, for I write history
as it happens and know all that goes on anywhere and anytime. You
and other followers will be expected to remain neutral in all ways. You
should spread the word of our religion and help others understand the
nature of true neutrality. Followers are always rewarded for good
decisions that they may make in the constant struggle for balance.
Though not willing to join others they remain in solitude, but we join our
fellow brethren at times when the balance is shifted. Oh yeah one more
thing, you need to know the rules of Astinus.

1.) The CO or Chosen One's decisions are from Astinus to the CO to the
rest and will be followed.

2.) Rudeness WILL NOT be tolerated, remember you can be replaced as
fast as you joined.

3.) All members are to obey their higher ranks while still being nice
to those under you. (see help rank)

4.) PK-ing is NOT allowed among members!!! Proper authorities will
deal with you. We do not look for fights but if needed to balance
things out we will do what is necessary.

5.) We are a peaceful religion and will only go to war until the
neutrality is gained. When and ONLY that is obtained we will

6.) Two members controlled by the same player to obtain more
ranks within Astinus will be banished and shunned upon.

7.) A sense of humor is something we look for in recruits, we are a laid
back religion. But when the time comes, even the most laid back has
to be serious.

8.) The symbol of Astinus is the great Snow Owl and should be respected

    As you glance away and turn back to the man you see nothing. The
white light slowly fades and that glow slowly leaves your body. You hear
a faint voice say, "I am waiting for you, come, join me. Keep that glow
and join the Great Astinus in his battle for neutrality.

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@@@@@@@  @@@ @@@  @@@@@@@    @@@@@@@@   @@@@@@   @@@@@@@  @@@  @@@  
@@@@@@@  @@@ @@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@  @@@  @@@  
  @@!    @@! [email protected]@  @@!  @@@  [email protected]@        @@!  @@@    @@!    @@!  @@@  
  [email protected]!    [email protected]! @!!  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!        [email protected]!  @[email protected]    [email protected]!    [email protected]!  @[email protected]  
  @!!     [email protected][email protected]!   @[email protected][email protected]!   [email protected]! @[email protected][email protected]  @[email protected]  [email protected]!    @!!    @[email protected][email protected][email protected]!  
  !!!      @!!!   [email protected][email protected]!    !!! [email protected]!!  [email protected]!  !!!    !!!    [email protected]!!!!  
  !!:      !!:    !!: :!!   :!!   !!:  !!:  !!!    !!:    !!:  !!!  
  :!:      :!:    :!:  !:!  :!:   !::  :!:  !:!    :!:    :!:  !:!  
   ::       ::    ::   :::   ::: ::::  ::::: ::     ::    ::   :::  
   :        :      :   : :   :: :: :    : :  :      :      :   : :  

Little is known of Tyrgoth, and few mortals can claim to have seen him
in his physical form. The only signs of his existence are his armies of
loyal followers.
Tyrgoth began his life as a kind god. Slowly, however,  
he was twisted into something else entirely. He became bitter,
withdrawn, and alienated his friends, including
Asmodeus. A
confrontation between these two powerful forces was brewing, and
came to a head when
Tyrgoth's fianc´┐Ż was slain by a soldier of the
Midnight Army. A long and bitter war began between
Asmodeus and
, and for several generations, the fighting was continuous.
Many died, and many suffered, and after a long time, many began to
forget the reasons for fighting. The violence between the two groups
slackened, then ended, and no clear victor could be determined. The
two gods, once friends, now enemies, began to calm, and gradually a
peace between the two developed.
Tyrgoth, however, developed a
general disgust for
Takhisis and her followers. He sees them as sheep,
blind and nave by nature, and treats them with disdain. Although he has
never declared a formal war on
Takhisis, he has instructed his zealots
to encourage the followers of the Dragon Goddess to see the truth of
the world, by any means necessary.


Tyrgoth expects his followers to remain neutral to most situations, and
to maintain a certain level of respect for most of the Gods of Clandestine.
He puts great importance on character traits like intellect, level
headedness, and the ability to be devious. Although not truly chaotic,
he expects his followers to have the backbone needed to stand up
in the face of adversity, and he finds compassion and charity
(for anyone other than a member of his religion) to be almost sinful.
He does not encourage open aggression towards others unless provoked.

Those seeking entrance to Tyrgoth should inform the religion with a
note (written to
Tyrgoth), make it well known to the realms that
they are seeking
Tyrgoth (by changing your title to something like
"is seeking
Tyrgoth"). And they should also approach a member of
priesthood (AC, VR, BP, and AN).



The rank system of Tyrgoth is slightly different then that of "help rank".
Tyrgoth is divided into two armies, that of the Serpent and that of
the Griffon. These armies are distinct, yet co-operative. The
members of the Serpent are more chaotic, more volatile. Those
of the Griffon army are more controlled. Their philosophy can easily
be described, as "the pen is mightier than the sword". Although the
Serpent army is more chaotic, it is not necessarily more aggressive
than the Griffon army, and the Griffon army can be just as volatile as
that of the Serpent, but these instances are rare, and can be attributed
to the circumstances within which each army was acting.


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ooo        ooooo                          .                                
`88.       .888'                        .o8                                
 888b     d'888  oooo    ooo  .oooo.o .o888oo  .oooo.   oooo d8b  .oooo.   
 8 Y88. .P  888   `88.  .8'  d88(  "8   888   `P  )88b  `888""8P `P  )88b  
 8  `888'   888    `88..8'   `"Y88b.    888    .oP"888   888      .oP"888  
 8    Y     888     `888'    o.  )88b   888 . d8(  888   888     d8(  888  
o8o        o888o     .8'     8""888P'   "888" `Y888""8o d888b    `Y888""8o 

Long ago, before the time of mortals, there was only energy.
Deep into the universe, two suns collided, giving solid form to a new
beings and new forms of life. One such form was a beautiful woman,
gifted with the powers of magic. Secluded into her own corner of space,
she grew lonely. Summoning the power of her magic, she created a new
world and filled it with life and so became the birth of mortals. Many years
the world prospered under her watchful eye. She would appear before the
mortals on occasion bringing with her gifts and a renewed feeling of love for
life and all other beings. As with all minds, they all could not be controlled
and some mortals became tainted. Thus the power of her creation went awry.

     Followers of Mystara are truly Lawful Good, loving all others of good
and always willing to help dark and tainted minds. Their happiness and
cheerfulness is so great they always boast of their goddess. The
religion believes that you can not have order without "Laws & Rules".
Followers are always watched and monitored to see if their heart and
actions are truly in the helping of others and the ways of serving
are always encouraged to seek out the truth and justice of
any situation.

"Laws & Rules"

-Mystarans are encouraged to help those new to our world lest the
fall prey to those of evil intentions.

-Mystaran is a peaceful religion, they view PKing as a means of last
resort. Members do not go out looking for a fight, but in the same
token they will not back down from one if the reasons are honorable.

-All members will uphold the laws of the Land of Clandestine. This
includes showing Honor to all IMPs.

-Show respect to all Mystaran officers. i.e. Chosen One, Archon,
Bishop, Guardian.

-Above all do NOT dishonor Mystara or her CO, Ayla.

Mystara is truly a great goddess and rewards her followers for reminding
others of the greatness of her beliefs and way of life.

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'##:::  ##:'##::::'##:'####:'########::::'###::::'########::'   ####:
 ###::  ##: ##:::: ##:. ##::... ##..::::'## ##::: ##.... ##:.    ##::
 ####:  ##: ##:::: ##:: ##::::: ##::::: ##:. ##:: ##::::##::     ##::
 ## ##  ##: ##:::: ##:: ##::::: ##::::'##:::. ##: ########:::    ##::
 ##. ## ##: ##:::: ##:: ##::::: ##:::: #########: ##..   ##::::  ##::
 ##:.  ###: ##:::: ##:: ##::::: ##:::: ##.... ##: ##::.   ##:::  ##::
 ##::.  ##:. #######::'####:::: ##:::: ##:::: ##: ##:::.    ##:'####:

     Along with the birth of the gods, there was one born with
knowledge of all things. Though he walks in the shadows and
remains mostly unseen, he is an arrogant and powerful god all the
same. His love for the law and all things good is only surpassed by
his great conceit that he is the one and only. Born shortly after
he instantly befriended her and made a pact of eternal alliance.

     Nuitari knows of his followers' thoughts and actions, and resents
obsequiousness. He desires his followers to enlighten others through
actions, not through worshipping or proselytizing. Prospective members
who wish to follow the ways of
Nuitari are expected to demonstrate
their worthiness through their actions. Followers of
Nuitari must
adhere to three cornerstones:

  • Honor - Following the law at all times. What is meant here is
    not the "letter of the law" but rather the intent of the law:
    Nuitari's motto is "Ex Scientia Justitia" which means
    "From Knowledge Comes Justice."
  • Courage - Standing up for what is right; being willing to face
    the consequences.
  • Dedication - Seeing a task through to completion. Many tasks
    or quests cannot be completed in a matter of minutes, hours,
    or even days.
    Nuitarians press on as long as is necessary.

     Members of
Nuitari do not have a set of strict rules to follow,
but rather are expected to use their intelligence to correctly
deduce the appropriate action in any given situation.
typically avoid members of chaotic religions, but associate with
them on occasion in order to attempt to bring order to the chaos.
Nuitarians attempt to use diplomacy and tactical thinking to maintain
peace between the forces of good and evil, but when diplomacy fails,
they have no fear or hesitation in employing their might to establish justice.

     A formerly secret Drow society, the Darkness in the Light, advances
the concept that Knowledge is Power.

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  # #    ####  #    #  ####  #####  ###### #    #  ####  
 #   #  #      ##  ## #    # #    # #      #    # #      
#     #  ####  # ## # #    # #    # #####  #    #  ####  
#######      # #    # #    # #    # #      #    #      # 
#     # #    # #    # #    # #    # #      #    # #    # 
#     #  ####  #    #  ####  #####  ######  ####   ####  

     As you are searching the archives of Clandestine your
attention is drawn to a swirl of dust on the horizon. As the dust
draws nearer you see that the dust is actually smoke coming from
the fiery hooves of dreaded Nightmare. Astride this mighty beast sits
a knight of regal bearing. Steam rises from his blood red armor. His
weapon is drawn, wrapped around him from sword to gauntlet is a Cobra.

     Seeing you, the knight draws the Nightmare to a stop. The snake
coils up his arm as the knight throws his sword at your feet. The
blade impales itself in the ground, showing a blood red crystal upon it hilt.
Sliding from his horse the knight approaches you. he pulls the helm
from his head, revealing a skeletal face. His voice resounds through
the room. "So you are looking to join one of us." A smile lights his
face. "Better I tell you our tale before I decide you are worthy."

     Many years after the first Gods were born, a vile and sinister
being arose from the pits of Purgatory. Bringing with him legions upon
legions of Undead. Though evil is said to be born of chaos, this is not so
of the army of
Asmodeus. All followers are organized and loyal. For many
years Asmodeus battled, proving his worth and converting those of evil
souls, until the fateful day he proved himself one of the powerful gods.
Followers flocked to him but few were felt worthy to join the Legion of

     Asmodeus made an 'agreement' with the goddess Mystara to keep
peace between their religions. He generally gets along well with the
other gods, but, however does not like the arrogance of
Nuitari, and
therefore ignores his existence.

The knight leans in closer to you, and says "remember these rules if you
feel you are worthy of the Legion of Midnight."

     Followers of Asmodeus are expected to honor the laws of Clandestine
(But will twist the laws as they see fit, always remaining within the law,
for the sake of the 'agreement').

  1. Followers of Asmodeus WILL follow Asmodeus rules.
  2. Followers of Asmodeus will expect to be judged on their actions.

     The knight's skeletal face sends a shudder through you as he smiles. 
"And one more thing to remember young one. Not all is what it seems."
With that the a mist starts to surround you blocking your vision. As the
mist clears a shadow dragon towers before you. The same smile upon
her lips "Especially in
Asmodeus." With that the mist surrounds you again,
and all is gone.

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/^^       /^^
/^ /^^   /^^^                         /^
/^^ /^^ / /^^   /^^    /^ /^^^/^ /^^^      /^^   /^^  /^^
/^^  /^^  /^^ /^^  /^^  /^^    /^^   /^^ /^^  /^^/^^  /^^
/^^   /^  /^^/^^    /^^ /^^    /^^   /^^/^^   /^^/^^  /^^
/^^       /^^ /^^  /^^  /^^    /^^   /^^ /^^  /^^/^^  /^^
/^^       /^^   /^^    /^^^   /^^^   /^^     /^^   /^^/^^

   Shadows of secrecy always surround those who follow the goddess Morrigu; 
and what is know by common tongue merely is a collection of myths and murmuring. Those 
who seek entrance into her folds enter with only the faith of such common lore. 

   The Goddess Morrigu is a three-fold goddess, each form representing an aspect of 
her dark trinity. Death, War and Pestilence.  Followers worship each of her forms, although 
they follow one path represented by an individual form. The details of these paths are 
shrouded in secrecy from non-members.

The Child.
   The Child represents the innocence of death. An aspect we all must sooner or later face; 
As Mystara's frailty during the god wars illustrates, even immortals can perish.

The Goddess
    The Goddess is represents War in all of its dark glory. Seen adorned in full battlearmor,
she is seen during the battle admits the chaos; and after, taking things of value from the 
slain. Her hand has swayed the outcomes of many a great battle, her motives known only to 
those who diligently serve her.

The Shadow Phoenix
   Morrigu's last form represents Pestilence; often she is represented by a phoenix of 
shadows, rising from the decay of the battlefields. It is this form that is the silent 
death. It is the plagues and famines that follow after the bloodshed. The quiet companion 
of war spares only a few.

   Unlike the other predominate gods in the realms of Clandestine, Morrigu's power is 
routed in a symbiotic fashion. That is, she is with her followers at all time, her spirit 
intertwined with the member's soul. Those who are drawn to Morrigu often feel the tugging 
at their soul; The goddess choosing the next to serve her.

   Those who seek entrance into her folds should seek scribe a scroll, and our priest will 
contact you with guidance. If you are chosen to follow the goddess, the road has just begun.

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  _ \             |   |                    
 |   | _` | __ \  __| __ \   _ \  _ \   __|
 ___/ (   | |   | |   | | |  __/ (   |\__ \
_|   \__,_|_|  _|\__|_| |_|\___|\___/ ____/

     While the world was new and the gods and goddess fight to gain their places alone through
 heritage, deceit or from sheer determination and self reliance two gods emerged along with one
 goddess. Instead of seeing each other as an obstacle for their own establishment they used 
each other and were used by the others to further their standing as a group rather than as three
 competing individuals. Each had their own past and way of doing things but used wisdom rather 
than might to overcome the differences within. Seeing that good can take either the forms of 
Chaos, Neutrality, or a Lawful nature rather than only one. They realized restraining yourself 
to being only one type of person was a restriction on our mind where they want their followers 
to be free of mind and follow the path of goodness without restricting themselves to a way of
observing them. Seeing power in unification rather than dividing the followers of goodness apart 
from each other they set out to claim those of pure heart under a single banner. Each of the three
bringing their own teaching to the faith but remaining true to a single creed, "Strength in 
wisdom and unity".
     Lady Tatalia, often appearing in the form of a radiant Celestial, brought chaos to the triad.
Preferring to reveal herself in the dreams and visions of those she chooses she never appears the 
same way and never says the same. Appearing as an elegant Lady who speaks in cryptic ways, her 
speech is sometimes thought to be lunacy rather than the wisdom unlocked within the enigma by 
thought. Known to ride the winds of a torrent for the unpredictable nature she is chaos within 
the natural world. Always depicted carrying a kris bladed dagger. 
     Lord Sindreal brings Neutrality to the trio of deities. He is portrayed in icons and relics 
as a dopplegangers carrying four items a scale, a book, a sextant and a crystal. The scale is 
always balanced representing the equal balances of chaos and law. The book represents the 
knowledge Pantheos orders of its members. A sextant showing that the powers beyond the mortal 
realm should set the courses in the paths of our lives and a crystal represents the spectrum 
between law and chaos under which we enter as one beam of light which can be split into all 
the forms within. 
     Lord Varix bringing law and order to the Pantheon deities. Portrayed rarely as he wishes 
his power to be heard in the voices of those speaking with his authority rather than seen. The 
few icons and statues of him he is shown as a scholar with a large blade and a quill. He 
prefers to be found in the scrolls and holy documents then presenting him in an obvious way. 
Rumored to have appeared to Chosen One inside the body of the temple librarian and from there 
helping lay the foundations of Pantheon faith.

Members of Pantheos are to bear all sides of good and can embrace certain aspects from either 
deity but must remain true to all of them. Good is the true intention of their hearts as they 
seek guidance from their gods and goddess often looking to the starts as a symbol of their 
faith. Seeing themselves in them as they look to three bright stars high in the western sky. 
Members are to see each other as family, brothers and sisters rather than friends or relmates. 
The CO and AN are not exempt, they are equals in faith but their word is law according to their 
rank given by the deities. Respect, honor, truth, loyalty and wisdom are the main things that 
should be present in the lives of Pantheons. All must have the strength to forgive, even in 
war, and must be placed within a circle of peace with others at all times as Tatalia, Varix, 
and Sindreal did. That is what they intended to make each other stronger, as therefor the 
members of Pantheos shall too. All shall obey and respect each other as a whole and live 
within Pantheos as one. 

Prospective Members:
  Prospective members must follow these rules:
1. Write a note to Pantheos. This note must contain some background about the player, why 
they wish to join, and why they think they are good for Pantheos.

2. Talk to a ranking member of Pantheos letting them know they wish to join.

3. Await the interview (any member of Pantheos who interviews a prospective member must 
write a note to the Bishops, Archon, and the Chosen One of Pantheos).

    Complete the quest for entry. The Chosen One The Pantheos has searched the realm for one to lead their new following. Their Chosen One speaks as the voice of the Pantheos. Do what the Chosen One asks of you as if the Pantheos themselves had requested it of you. Return to religion table

        e   e                             d8b 
       d8b d8b     ,e e,  888,8,  e88'888 'P' 888 8e  888,8, Y8b Y888P 
      e Y8b Y8b   d88 88b 888 "  d888  '8     888 88b 888 "   Y8b Y8P 
     d8b Y8b Y8b  888   , 888    Y888   ,     888 888 888      Y8b Y 
    d888b Y8b Y8b  "YeeP" 888     "88,e8'     888 888 888       888 

    Mercenary is a well disciplined clan that serves the realm through
commissioned assassinations and various other tasks completed or payment. 
As a clan, members of Mercenary are very closely bound. The clan is a place 
of great variety, made up of many who have chosen to follow a religious 
deity, multiple beliefs, and those who choose to follow none. Though its 
members spread the categories of evil, good, chaotic, and orderly, as a 
clan Mercenary remains completely neutral. Mercenary's greatest strength 
Is in it's bond between members. All are great friends who will defend 
each other to the last breath. To insure this, none will be admitted who 
current members have a problem with in any way.

    As a Mercenary, one does not have many rules to follow. However, upon 
enshrinement, all must swear an oath to uphold the Code of Mercenary. At 
all times the Code must be followed, for to not follow it will result in 
trial. The outcome of the trial will determine whetherthe subject is to 
be punished, even to the point of demotion or banishment from the clan.
The Code of Mercenary
    As a Mercenary, one must always respect their superior officer. Of all 
things, showing disrespect is the most despised. A Mercenary has the right 
to defend their honor against any who insult them, yet they may not bring 
that war to the clan without permission. At all times, every Mercenary stands 
for the clan. When speaking, they represent the clan and may NEVER bring 
disrespect to Mercenary through foolish words. If a fellow Mercenary requests 
help, all who are capable must immediately halt their current tasks and aid 
the Mercenary in need. Each Mercenary, even the priests and non-violent, must 
be willing to face the enemy if it will bring assistance to those in need. 
Tactics of war deemed fair by the Commanding Officer may be utilized but the 
practice of those outlawed is strictly forbidden. Mercenary will stand solitary 
and remain apathetic of any wars fought between religions unless commanded by 
superior officers to do otherwise. Overall, each and every Mercenary must 
remain true to their clan and may in no way disgrace it. 

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