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Clandestine Mortal IC Pictures/Descriptions

    This section is for mortals who are really into Role Playing. Each mortal who has an IC (In Character) picture, will be posted here. Our unlimited webpage space makes it possible for more then one picture, per mortal. If your character has an IC picture, and you wish to have it posted here, drop me a LINK of your picture (not the picture in the e-mail), and your character that represents the picture. If you do not have a link to the picture, please upload it onto a webpage. Please e-mail me the link and picture at this address: [email protected]. Thanks and enjoy!

Key: (P) IC Picture (D) IC Description

Alarra (P)
Alexandra (P)
Alexz (P)
Angzmor (P)
Aragoth (P)
Arielle (P)
Aurelia (P)
Aviva (P)
Azmodan (P)
Beowulf (P)
Cadmintius | 2 | 3 | 4 (P)
Callie (P)
Cilos | 2 (P)
Claudia (P)
Dagan (P)
Danimoth (P)
Dargoth (P)
Darlina (P)
Deckard (P)
Delaris (P)
Diomedes | 2 (P)
Draclau (P)
Elmindreda (P)
Ermizhad | Ermizhad (P)
Eve (P)
Faith (P)
Gerge | 2 (P)
Godfather (P)
Gogeta (P)
Gwennaire (P)
Harlequin (P)
Halbarad (P)
Haldjas (P)
Hedon (P)
Hezkezl (P)
Hiboshiro (P)
Imrahil | 2 (P)
Inlada (P)
Itisso (P)
Janelle (P)
Jarome (P)
Judah (P)
Kali | 2 | 3 | 4 (P)
Kargon (P)
Karissa | 2 (P)
Kartun (P)
Kayla | 2 (P)
Kinjiru (P)
Kinsara | 2 | 3 (P)
Kitea | 2 (P)
Kochtavious | 2 | 3 (P)
Kyvana | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (P)
Lhasa (P)
Lorentzo (P)
Lucretia (P)
Maggie (P)
Malym (P)
Marsalas (P)
Meladicta (P)
Melphis | 2 (P)
Mediver (P)
Meleya (P)
Mnemonic (P)
Morcica (P)
Morgyn (P)
Mylo (P)
Mylynia (P)
Nakkar (P)
Natalia (P)
Natasha (P)
Navash (P)
Nienor (P)
Nottingham (P)
Odion (P)

Oktobriana | 2 (P)
Otacon (P)
Oneil (P)
Ocliptor (P)
Piin (P)
Psiazix (P)
Psyche (P)
Raszagal (P)
Raolin (P)
Rebekah (P) (Description)
Regeane (P)
Reno (P)
Relm | 2 | 3 | 4 (P)
Renoa (P)
Rioku (P)
Rolento (P)
Sarafina | 2 | 3 (P)
Saitoh (P)
Sariel (P)
Sarinea (P)
Sharza (P)
Shevisley | 2 (P)
Skywise (P)
Slayn (P)
Snape (P)
Thiadric (P)
Surma (P)
Tichondrius (P)
Tiyanna (P)
Tamika (P)
Tamlyn (P)
Tamriel | 2 (P)
Taxiarchai (P)
Theia (P)
Thorkel (P)
Vaticus | 2 | 3 (P)

Vikatimees | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (P)
Vighnaraja (P)
Xenia (P)
Xenos (P)
Xeraith (P)
Xyron (P)
Yoshi (P)
Zoe (P)