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The Official Webpage of Clandestine MUD
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Unofficial Sites of Clandestine

Players submitted these webpages, and they have worked on them for Clandestine sake. They have all applied and spent plenty of time designing and maintaining these webpages for people to take a look and a different view of another webpage. Take a look at them, if you wish. If you want to apply for your site to be added to this list, e-mail me but make sure to follow these important guidelines before you submit your webpage!

Guide Lines:
-Must be Clandestine Related
-Must be Pro-Clandestine
-Must include facts, not opinions
-Must be 75% original
-Must be in English
-Must NOT put down anything OR anyone from Clandestine
-Must NOT be racial or offensive to others (i.e, cursing, racial/OOC religions)
There are currently 2 Links to webpages.

1. The Offical Webpage for Clandestine - This is the only offical webpage for Clandestine, full of automated scripts and information about Clandestine Realms. (Submitted by: Jalak @ 3/22/01)

2. The Clandestine Travel Center - This site features all the information about areas from the Realm of Clandestine. (Submitted by: Tehan @ 12/17/01)

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