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The Great Gods of the Religions

The great Gods of Clandestine are feared by most mortals. The immense power they possess is superb. They umpire the game game of life and death and stand before the gates of eternity letting only the chosen ones see through. Few mortals have ever had the opportunity the meet one of these beings, for they work in mysterious ways, and their craft is not understood by those of simple minds.

They strike down at many times, stealing the souls of mortals or replenishing them with life. They fill you with understanding of your tasks and set you forth to do their bidding. They are absolute and supreme, and unmatched by all except eachother. They fight for their cause, and many fall and are replaced by those who seek to gain in the great chain.

Some thirst for blood, others seek resolve, but their placement in the universe allows not intervention but only a direction for those mortals who follow their paths.

The day of atonement shall soon arise, and many shall be judged in regard to their worthiness and faith to those they worship.

Gods Name Gods Alignment Gods Picture Short Description
Mystara Lawful Good Mystara Helping/Friendly
Kir'jolith Neutral Good Kir'jolith Watchful
Takhisis Chaotic Good Takhisis Havoc
Pantheos Instrnsic Good Pantheos Wise
Nuitari Lawful Neutral Nuitari Enlightening
Astinus True Neutral Astinus Neutral/Snow Owl
Loviatar Chaotic Neutral Loviatar Evil Desire
Mercenary Intrinsic Neutral Mercenary Strong/Pride
Asmodeus Lawful Evil Asmodeus Dread
Tyrgoth Neutral Evil Tyrgoth Gambler
Myr'Khul Chaotic Evil Myr'Khul Utter Death
Morrigu Intrinsic Evil Morrigu Majestic Obvlivion
Creator   Creator In Control