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The Clandestine Code Archive

Welcome to the Clandestine Code Archives. Here you will find some unique areas and code snippets. We will try to supplement rather than duplicate materials available at other sites. More areas and snippets are on the way! If you wish to contribute a snippet, note to the immortals of Clandestine.

Please respect the copyrights of the authors and retain their comment headers. Also remember to give the authors credit on your mud if you find their areas or code useful.

Snippet Function Author Mud
SHORTEST PATH Find the shortest path to a room/area/mob/player Nebseni 9476
FREEZE TAG Play the classic playground game-Very Popular! Nebseni 9476
AREASORT Sort your "areas" list by level Nebseni 9476
STARMAP Display sun, moon, and stars on 'look sky' Nebseni 9476
WEBRACES Put your races and classes on your Web Page! Nebseni 9476
WEBSPELLS Put your skills and spells on your Web Page! Nebseni 9476
WEBAREAS Display your area list on your Web Page! Nebseni 9476
WHOWEB Display your who list on your web page! Valatar 2110
ROULETTE A cool black magic skill Sebek 9476
SHAPESHIFT Transform yourself into a NPC's form Nebseni 9476
ROSTER Display a religion (clan) roster Nebseni 9476
PWIPE Do a "smart" player file wipe Nebseni 9476
SIGNALS Signal handling code Nebseni 9476

Rom Area Files

Area Name Author Mud
Rain Forest Sebek Clandestine: 9476
Graghtok's Lair Twig Clandestine: 9476
Florin (The Princess Bride) Nebseni Clandestine: 9476

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