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Welcome to Clandestine!

Welcome to the World of Clandestine. Welcome... to a realm of dreams and reality, gods and mortals, good and evil, order and chaos. A world where those who seek revenge will find their vengeance, yet a world where those who seek eternal peace may find their solitude. A world where the light shines the darkness and the darkness shields the light. We present you with a world of which so many dream, yet so few chance to grasp, a world filled with glory and a chance at fame, yet also filled with the danger of defeat and disgrace. It is a world that will make you feel alive, even as you are being sent towards the grave.

Clandestine is a friendly Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) where fun is the highest priority. Clandestine encourages lots of roleplay and provides you the tools for powerful hack'n'slash. Based on heavily modified ROM 2.4 code, Clandestine is still growing, and player ideas are always considered and frequently implemented.

Clandestine offers 50 races (30 mortal, 20 reincarnate) and 30 classes (15 mortal, 15 reincarnate) to suit just about everyone's roleplaying needs. Twelve religions are available, from good to evil, lawful to chaotic, each with their own religion spells. Player-killing (PK) is allowed, and even encouraged, with level-based limits.

Mud Connector's MUD of the Month (Dec 1998)

Clandestine has many features not found on most ROM muds, including multiclassing, shapeshifting, a freeze tag game, an online casino with working card games, roulette wheels and slot machines, relic weapons that increase in power as you use them, and much more!

Stop by Clandestine, and sharpen your sword, your skills, and your wits.